Audrey Assad is No Longer a Practicing Christian

There is a small corner of Christian music where I have found space. And by small, I mean mainly Audrey Assad’s music. It’s the space where doubts, human questions, and pain are met with clinging, clinging to the hope of tomorrow, the mercies that cover me anew every morning.

In a season, where my faith has verged on stale — In a season, where I have grown to resemble Christ less and resemble an unreasonable pessimist with anger issues more, I found myself returning to the spaces that helped me wade through my faith crisis. The spaces that center my mind and heart on truth and grace. One of those spaces being Audrey Assad’s music.

This is news was a blow to me. Not just because of the love and respect, I have always had for Audrey Assad, but because her music created a space where I didn’t feel lonely, where I could worship with freedom. Now, I fear the weaponization of her story. She will be used as a warning to the people struggling and searching, discrediting the faith she displayed in every moment before this decision.

Yes — Audrey Assad’s decision brings me pause. It sends warning signs. It reminds me that faith is active and living. It reminds me that faith is cultivated. However, I feel a pang each time a well-known Christian rejects their faith, anticipating that their story will be used to inspire fear of asking questions or exploring faith.